The Trust contributed toward her dance equipment.

‘I am currently a dance, drama and singing teacher and I work at independent dance schools alongside going into state schools too. This term I’ve been particularly busy as many of my students, at different schools, have been working towards 5 shows and all of them were a success! I worked with extremely underprivileged children put on a year 6 production of Matilda which was a fantastic success. Another school I work at, which has a similar set-up to the likes of Kirkham Henry, put on a showcase, of which I was their singing teacher and then volunteered as chaperone for the two evenings at Epsom Playhouse. ‘

I teach at many different schools weekly, I think for 8 or 9 a week, where I teach a wide variety of styles and techniques in dance, drama and singing. It’s great to have students from all different backgrounds and experiences building skills like public speaking, self-confidence and of course getting them exercising. It’s a lot of hard work, the hours and the job itself is full-on, but it’s so incredibly rewarding, particularly with children overcoming fears or mastering a new step for the first time.

I teach singing on Zoom to students I used to teach in Ripon before the pandemic,  They had made such progress with me that we didn’t want to stop the learning when I moved to London so we still continue to have lessons each week.

Rosie Riley