Mbekweni Cricket Club

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Mbekweni Cricket Club would like to send their deepest of appreciations to the Rob Stephenson trust for providing funds to our team towards buying new cricket equipment & clothing. It Mbekweni Cricket Clubs first time since it was formed in 1993 that all the players will be having a warm up kit and any sort of identity within our community. The players are very happy and extremely excited about the clothing and equipment and we are looking forward to the 2017/2018 cricket season.

When we use to practice in the past and when we were going to game the players use to wear different colours and we were always intimidated by the other teams we played against because they were dress in their warm-up clothing looking neat, but we believe that will change starting from this season.

No words can really express how the club appreciates everything that The Rob Stephenson   Trust has done for us as Mbekweni Cricket Club. Thank you very much to Nicki for making sure that everything was happening and keeping us updated with everything that was happening. We hope for an opportunity similar to this in the future.