Gary Parkers – Kenya

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Busy busy here but just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you so very much indeed / not only for all the amazing sports equipment you have so very generously donated – but also for sending us Gary what a HERO in every respect.  He had a long journey that started off by being told that his ticket was null and void so he had to purchase another – and he patiently sat that out. I hope he was able to rest a little over the weekend and when I went up to the school yesterday to see goal posts up and children charging happily chasing footballs I literally had tears pouring down my cheeks!! Pure joy is the only way of describing it and it would have made your heart soar!

THANK YOU is simply not a big enough word and I have asked Gary to take plenty of photos for you.

Strange environment, hot hot sun, scant resources, pobably a strange diet and he’s smiling all the way through!  Any school has a real gem in him! More to follow but just had to let you know how much joy you have given xx thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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The girl in the photo is Pendo. She is 11 years old. I’ve never encountered a young lady like her.
She is a fantastic sportsperson. Amazingly strong and fast. She even took a football to the face today and did not even flinch. She has a pair of @toms but doesn’t want to break them so she plays football in no shoes on ground covered with rocks and pointy shrub hidden beneath the sand. And has never once complained. Her family is extremely poor, living house similar to the second picture. The work that #bushbells and #robstephensontrust have done has allowed her to be safe in school, get an education and play sports every day. If ever there was an example of the brilliance of projects like this, it is her 🇰🇪 ✌🏽 @bushbells @ Watamu.
By Gary Parker