Connect CD Rugby South Africa

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At Connect, we believe in offering disadvantaged young people access to the opportunities and resources that most of us are fortunate enough to take for granted. The players in our academy respond to this every day by proving that talent exists everywhere in society – potential that deserves to be given every chance to be realised.

South Africa is a democracy still finding a path out of centuries of racial segregation. There is a long way to go before a remotely fair and equal society takes shape, but sport has the awesome power to create dreams, ignite passions and promote self-worth like nothing else.

Even the opportunity to explain a bit about Malton & Norton RUFC to our players helped broaden their horizons here in Cape Town. Our goal is to one day nurture professional rugby players and for them to feel inspired by the prospect of playing and living anywhere in the world – maybe even in a frozen Yorkshire winter!

The donation we received from the Rob Stephenson Trust will help the young people in our academy aim that little bit higher, with a shared identity and the knowledge that there are good people, thousands of miles away, who care about them.

Connect wishes everyone connected with the trust every success in their work to support initiatives in North Yorkshire and all around the world.

We can say from experience that what may seem like modest gestures to some people, can make a life changing difference to others.

Thank you,

From everyone at the Connect Sports Academy.
Cape Town, South Africa.