Top to Toe

We finished the cycle on Tuesday; it was a long 956 miles, through 15 counties over nearly 45,000 feet of elevation in eight and a half days finishing on a beautiful, albeit windy day at John O’ Groats.

Over these days we ate our bodyweight in flapjack, grew accustomed to application of anti-chafing cream, spotted almost every species of mammal and bird squashed into the tarmac and developed a fondness for lycra. Harry Stenton and I also had plenty of time to admire some truly majestic views whilst we waited for Stephen Webster #fatlad at the back to haul himself over the Cumbrian hills and Scottish highlands.

Our matching uniforms and smart bikes probably gave you all the impression we knew what we were doing. Don’t be fooled. I think the photo of Harry Stenton applying ibuprofen gel to Stephen Webster’s sore back with a fag hanging out his mouth on the side of a roundabout epitomises this.

Despite this we smashed it in a good time with our grit carrying us through, will raise a cracking sum of money and had a good laugh despite the grueling nature of the trip.

Remember it’s not over yet.

This Sunday (11th September), Joshie Hosford, Toby May and I are running the Great North Half Marathon. It’s all the same fund for the same trust so get donating.

https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/tomos-davies – currently £4,300

Finally a huge thank you is not only owed to everyone who has sponsored us thus far but to everyone who helped us. It is a real credit to the agricultural community to be able to supports us the entire length of the UK.

All the people who housed us and fed us, keeping our bellies full and our spirits high:

Em Borton, William French, Maimie Sloan, Tom Hunt, Connor Huntbach, Matt Sloyan, Stephen Webster’s parents and Rachel Brown.

Our drivers who without there help, this trip would have been far harder and far slower:

My dad, Tom Hunt, Toby Brick, Guy Scruton, Robin Wilkinson, Alastair Wilkinson, Patrick Stephenson and especially Sandy Dale who drove the van for three days consecutively whilst we pedalled our weary legs through the last miles in Scotland.

Our sponsors who backed us:

Stirling Fenton, Northern Nutrition minerals, Alastair Wilkinson Pam Jacobs, Rosie Jacobs, Moor Farm, BHE Agricultural Contractors, Will Dunn, Cleveland Containers, James Bulmer, W.T Webster & Sons, W Scruton Ltd, Thomas Thomas Films, Yorkshire Engineering Services and Peter Nelson Fitness.

All the best and thanks again,

Tomos Davis

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