Raid de Pyrénéen

At 9am on the morning of 3rd July 2016, five (Simon Massey, Rob Hopkinson, Tom Welch, Fraser Thomson and Christian Blackwell) lycra-wearing forty-something wannabes departed from Hendaye on the French Atlantic Coast to embark upon the “Raid de Pyrénéen”

After a gruelling 5 days of thundering hailstones and blistering sunshine, painful ascents and thrilling descents, spectacular views, burst tyres, a broken gear cassettes and a wipe out, they have made it!! Total time in the saddle 31 hours 35 minutes, average speed 22.8km/hr, 720km covered and 11,769meters climbed. They are “bonked” but thrilled with their achievement and the money raised in memory of Rob. Thanks so much for all your support, and its not too late to: