The Rob Stephenson Trust are very honoured to be one of the nominated charities for the Yarnbury RUFC bike challenge that took place this past weekend. Our thanks go out to all those who took part and to Wetherby and York rugby clubs who hosted the riders. I am pleased to say that Rugby is a large family and deeds like this only go to prove that we are all one.

I have many memories of playing at Yarnbury and one of my fondest is the last time. This was my last game I played with Rob by my side and as always humour followed him closely. As is often the way for Malton 2’s we were getting a lesson in rugby from Yarnbury. We refused to buckle and although tries were leaked at regular intervals it was still competitive. After a particular ruck, where we had been penalised the, Yarnbury second row decided a quick tap and go was on the cards. Rob was just getting up from the melee on the floor and saw the second row raise his foot to tap the ball. Quick as a flash Rob pulled his raised foot back and the second row crashed like a tree being felled. Much laughter erupted from both sides with the player looking to kill the person who had done this. Rob chuckled as he retreated.

Once again thanks and Laugh Live Learn Play